Florida Man Submits Deed Without Signing Mortgage

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Florida Man Submits Deed Without Signing Mortgage

Right here in Florida, a man in Polk County tried to steal a home by filing the signed deed without signing the loan documents. Technically, the house was his without owing anything.

He was sentenced to three-and-a-half years for grand theft and filing a false document against real property. Stanley Livingston, who represented himself, said he had paid $1 for the house and property. He was actually living in the house and said in his closing statement that he had believed that the seller had been paid.

According to witnesses, he had contracted to buy a house and in the meeting to close the sale, he asked to delay signing the mortgage documents until the end of the meeting. He then grabbed the deed, already signed by the developer, and ran to his truck with the deed in hand. The deed was filed two days later at the Polk Country Clerk of Courts. He then went back to the developer saying that he now owned the house. The developers called the police and he was arrested.

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