What is a a Certificate of Sale?
Evidence of a purchaser’s acquisition of legal title at a judicial sale, subject to redemption rights, if any.

What is a Certificate of Title?
Certified statement as to land ownership based upon examination of record title.

What is a Chain of Title?
A chronological list of documents comprising the record history of title to a specific parcel of real property.

As it relates to my property, what is a Commitment?
A pledge, promise, or firm agreement; also, a title insurer’s contractual obligation to insure title to real property.

What is a Contract of Sale?
An agreement entered into for the sale and purchase of property.

What is a Deed?
Written document transferring title to land from one person to another.

What is a False Personation?
Assuming, without authority, the identity of another person for fraudulent purposes.

What is a Grant?
A transfer of real property by deed.

What is a Grant Deed?
A written instrument transferring title to real property.

Who is the Grantee?
The person acquiring title to real property by a deed.

Who is the Grantor?
The person transferring title to real property by a deed.

What is a Guarantee of Title?
A form of title insurance based solely upon public record disclosures.

What is an Owner’s Policy?
A policy of title insurance insuring the title of an owner.

What does Prima Facie mean?
Assumed correct until overcome by further proof.

What does it mean to Record?
To incorporate into the public records of the County Recorder; also, the system of public records imparting constructive notice of title to claims, or interests, in real property.

What is the act of Recording?
The act of filing documents for record in the office of the County Recorder.

What does Satisfaction mean?
The performance of the terms of an obligation.

What is a property Title?
The sum total of a person’s right or the extent of his/her interest in real property.

What is Title Insurance?
Assurance of indemnification for loss occasioned by defects in the title to real property or to an interest therein which is insured.

What is a Title Search?
The assembled links required to complete a chain of title to a parcel of real property.

What is a Warranty Deed?
A deed containing express covenants as to good title and right to possession.