DIY Title Fraud Monitoring

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Title Fraud Self-Monitoring

Our goal is to eradicate Title Fraud from the United States and to do so we are informing home owners of this crime. We are also here to give you the tools you need to protect yourself from this crime. This guide is a step-by-step process you can follow on a monthly basis to ensure you are not a victim of Title Fraud.

How to check if you are a victim of title fraud

  1. Go to your County Clerk’s website. Follow this link to find your county’s website: click here
  2. Choose your state from the map and then your county where the property is located.
  3. Locate the link to access the County Clerk’s office (how to do this varies from county to county).
  4. From there you’ll find the Deed that was recorded when you bought your property. This is your ‘starting point’. Enter your name and search.
  5. Locate the legal description of your property and copy it.
  6. Start a new search, using the legal description of your property. 
  7. Of the search results, there should be no other mortgages or deeds recorded after your purchase.
  8. If you see a deed or mortgage with a recorded date after your purchase, contact an attorney.

If a Deed appears questionable, you should consult with a title company or an attorney. It may be necessary to initiate legal action. Send us email if you need assistance connecting with a professional: send email

How to monitor for title fraud on an ongoing basis

In the event that your initial search of the Public Records (steps 1 through 8 above) reveals nothing out of the ordinary, it’s critical you repeat the process on a monthly basis.

Each time you perform the monthly update, there should be no newly-recorded documents with which you’re unfamiliar. Bear in mind that a given document in the output will only pertain to your property if the legal description matches that which is on the Deed used to establish your ownership of the property (step 5 above).

How to conveniently monitor and deter from Title Fraud

Keeping up with this monthly check can be time-consuming and inconvenient for most. Fraudshine State has created our Monthly Monitoring service not only to alert you of fraud, but our patent-pending service Property Firewall will deter would-be cyber criminals by recording a “Notice of Title Fraud Monitoring” in the public records.

You Can Do-it-Yourself or Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

Property Firewall Fraud Deterrence

  • Fortify your Title
  • Protect your ownership rights
  • Deter title cyber criminals
  • Prevent title theft before it happens
  • Protect your biggest investment from fraud
  • Officially record a notice of title monitoring in public record


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  • 1 Month of Title Monitoring/Alerting Service
  • Monthly Email Updates
  • Does Not include Property Firewall Deterrence

Title Monitoring
With Property Firewall

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  • Stop criminals while searching your property to victimize.
  • Notice of Title Monitoring will be recorded in county public records.
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  • Property Firewall Deterrence $50 Value
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