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Kevin J Overstreet

Kevin J Overstreet

Founder/Director of Vision Title Update, LLC d.b.a. Fraudshine State Kevin J Overstreet grew up on a beef cattle farm in Southwestern Missouri, near the town of Clever (population 551 at the time). After leaving the farm, Kevin attended Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, graduating in 1995 after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with a Psychology minor. In 1998, Kevin entered the title insurance industry as a local salesperson for a prominent title agency in St Louis, MO. He quickly advanced within the company. After just two years, Kevin was named Executive Vice President of National Sales & Marketing, relocated to Kansas City, KS, and was the ‘tip of the spear’ for the company’s nationwide expansion efforts. The company was very successful, and Kevin was highly compensated for his performance. Although his career was going very well, Kevin found himself dissatisfied with ‘climbing the corporate ladder’. The company was achieving great financial success, but Kevin was consistently frustrated by their focus on the bottom line….as opposed to the clients and employees. In April of 2003, Kevin made the decision to strike out on his own, in an effort to develop a better way of doing business. In June of that year, he formed Freedom Title of St Louis and began building a company…one detail at a time. With a few good tactics/decisions, an incredible team of loyal people, a booming real estate market, and a lot of luck, Kevin led Freedom Title to become one of the most active young, independent title agencies in the Midwest. In time however, Kevin became restless and in search of a new challenge. Soon, the time was right for him to sell Freedom Title and relocate to a new market. In October of 2005, Kevin moved his family to Tampa and founded Insured Title Agency (ITA). The company hit the ground running and success seemed imminent. After just two years, ITA had developed into a solid provider to the Tampa Bay real estate market. At all times, Kevin maintained a focus on ITA being an independent, family owned and managed title agency that always considered the needs of the clients to be the most important. Disaster struck in 2008, in the form of the nationwide ‘foreclosure crisis’. Seemingly overnight, Kevin’s job changed from innovating/creating/advancing, to simply surviving! Not only did ITA survive the crisis; Kevin and his team members all came out wiser and more ‘battle-hardened’ on the other side. ITA continues to thrive in the Tampa Bay region. Even so, Kevin has chosen to also pursue efforts to affect true positive change in the title and real estate industries. Fraudshine State is the first of what will be several new ventures aimed squarely at educating, helping and protecting each individual buyer, seller, borrower and homeowner.

A message from our founder

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been compelled to dismiss the status quo and have striven to create real solutions for problems that others simply accept as ‘the way it is’. I firmly believe that every industry, every company and every person should be constantly adjusting the way they do business in order to thrive. I realized years ago that nearly every business far too often loses focus of what truly matters: The People.While it’s of course crucial to be profitable in order to remain a viable company, I staunchly disagree with those who consider making money to be the most important goal. This philosophy has guided me throughout my career. What I’ve discovered along the way is that focusing my efforts on helping those around me become more successful has actually been the catalyst for my success!My promise to any business owner: If you choose to run your company in such a way that maximizes profits over all else, you’ll eventually develop a bad reputation, and (ironically) make less money. If your mission is to always take care of the people around you by providing superior service, possess the creativity to be an Innovator, as well as the bravery to be a Disruptor…..the financial windfall you’re looking for will happen as a by-product. AND, you’ll have a much happier life!” - Kevin J Overstreet