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Top Prevalent Schemes per FBI Cases


Loan Origination Scams

Criminals take out false loans on your property.


Title/Escrow/Settlement Fraud

Stealing of wire funds or reassignment of title


Real Estate Investment

Stolen funds to purchase real property


Equity Skimming

Fraudulently stealing all equity in property

Title Theft Is On The Rise

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What Is Fraudshine State?

As a part of our ongoing effort to serve our clients we created this service. Title Fraud is one of the fastest growing ‘white collar’ crimes in America, and your real estate team is here to help keep you from becoming a victim.

Why Do I Need It?

Since its inception in the 1860s, title insurance has protected the insured party (the homeowner) against events from the past. When title is properly insured, no party from before the homeowner became the title owner can claim ownership or a financial interest in the land. Should a claim occur, the title insurance policy will defend the rights of the homeowner. This has always been an important form of protection and is something that every property owner should have. Although protection from “the sins of the past” is of paramount importance, title insurance has a severe limitation. It’s one of the only types of insurance that only protects the past and offers no protection from future events. With readily accessible Public Records, fraudsters have discovered many ways in which to steal title to properties. Without protection from title attacks, the criminals are able to liquidate the properties or strip them of their equity. The only way to prevent a terribly expensive and painstaking process for the victims of title fraud is early detection.

The Fraudshine State program includes a monthly confirmation from Public Records and email notification ensuring that ownership has not changed or alerting homeowners to a new recorded document. During the monthly updates, we are strictly searching for conveyance Deeds which indicate new or modified ownership of the property. Changing title (with a fraudulent Deed) is always the first step a criminal must take in order to cause real harm to a property owner.

If no new conveyance Deed is discovered in the monthly update, the email to the client will reflect that there have been no changes. In the event there has been a new Deed recorded in Public Records, the client will be asked to confirm or deny its authenticity. If the Deed is not recognized by the client as a legitimate document, the Fraudshine State team will assist in connecting the client with the appropriate party(ies) to take action against the apparent fraudster.

Our Founder

Kevin Overstreet has over 22 years of title experience throughout the United States. With a mission to eradicate title crimes, Kevin wrote his book “The Fraudshine State” to expose this growing problem affecting home owners. The scariest part is that this crime is so new, it may not have happened to someone you know yet, but the authorities are still learning how to reverse the stolen titles and restore equity to the rightful owners.

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